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CustomCover is an Android project I started working on in the spring of 2015. Inspired by a jailbreak tweak for iOS that I’ve always loved, I started developing my own version of it for Android. The tweak is called CustomCover, and essentially, it completely overhauls the Android lockscreen, specifically when playing music. This required me to modify the Android source code itself, and change the way the lockscreen behaves.

I had so many challenges with developing this; every device is different, so it may run fine on one phone, but it has to be adapted for others. I had to constantly fight against and change the way Android fundamentally works, and it was a struggle, to say the least.

I’ve made it so the album art displays in the center (with an iOS-style look to it), and it can also be themed. So, people can use XML files to make it look how they want to. The tweak also pulls the prominent colors from the album art of whatever’s playing, and changes the other lockscreen elements to those colors. The end result is an elegant-looking, functional, and fun lockscreen. 

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