CorePump Mobile


Designed to be the companion app for the CorePump Machine, CorePump Mobile was an iOS app custom-built for a client. 

The development process included creating a functioning and fully-featured user login and registration system, Facebook integration, CorePump Machine registration and serial number tracking, customizable workout videos for the user to follow along with, and a custom-built view that would automatically parse the latest blog posts from the CorePump websites WordPress blog, then display them in a card-style list, with all of the content of the blog posts. 

Additionally, a user's settings, account info, profile picture, Facebook connection status, and CorePump Machine registration & warranty information automatically carry over across different devices, as everything is stored server-side, and populated automatically in the app upon launch. 

CorePump Mobile is a universal app, and was designed to run equally well on both iPhones and iPads. The app was specifically designed with the goal of being trivial to add more content in the future, without having to update the app. Workout videos live on a server, and the app pulls the workout name from the title of the video file. The Latest News page automatically populates with the most recent blog posts to the CorePump WordPress blog.

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